• March 14, 2014
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Price Signals of Global Slack

World trade price growth has seen almost continuous deflation since early 2012, and its renewed weakness suggests even more slack in the global economy.

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Featured Past Report Summary:
Posted January 22, 2014

American Exceptionalism

ECRI’s latest report provides the outlook for U.S. growth, with specific attention to jobs, housing and trade, that reveals the likely cyclical picture in coming months.    More

Full Report: U.S. Cyclical Outlook: Jan 21, 2014


Weekly Leading Index Unchanged

ECRI April 17, 2014

In March, the U.S. Weekly Leading Index growth rate rose to 2.9% from 1.6% in February, but was down from 4.0% in January.   More


ECRI April 11, 2014

The index itself increased to 134.9 from 133.5.   More

U.S. Future Inflation Gauge Dips

Bond Buyer April 4, 2014

"With the dip in the USFIG pushing it further below its earlier highs, underlying inflation pressures remain restrained"   More

Eurozone inflation pressures muted

Reuters April 4, 2014

Inflationary pressures remain muted in the eurozone, doing little to allay fears about deflation in the 18-nation bloc, an indicator designed to predict cyclical trends showed.   More

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Featured ECRI Composite Indexes

WLIW U.S. Weekly Leading Index (weekly) 0.0
Public update:

Apr 17

Member update:

Apr 17


USFIGM U.S. Future Inflation Gauge (monthly) -1.3
Public update:

Apr 04

Member update:

Apr 04

USLHPI U.S. Leading Home Price Index -1.4
Leads cyclical turns in U.S. real home prices. Historical data begins in 1953.

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